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What we do

The world as we know it is more unpredictable, uncertain, complex and increasingly spanning across the real world and the digital world. The pace of technological innovation has accelerated connectivity and the fabric of society will transform to network structures. Disruption-as-a-force is the new normal.

Yet most organisations are not adapting their working practices, infrastructures and cultures in response. Free information flow, rapid learning, creativity, adaptability and dare we say happiness are too often sacrificed by restrictive team structures, and command and control systems that were designed for a different age.

When it comes to emerging models and ideas, we’re professional truffle pigs. We use these to help organisations adapt to a digital world, and get great results in the areas that matter most: income, spend, impact, workforce and operations.

The game has dramatically changed.

But have you?

Help is at hand

We’re here to help you understand and embrace these game changing practices in your organisation.

To support this we have developed a number of problem-to-solution oriented frameworks that will help tackle some of the biggest contemporary challenges that organisations are facing. We draw upon a range of models, solutions and ideas that enrich and codify our work including:


Responsive org

Lean startup


New work

Team of teams



Deep work

SaaS workflow

Matrix work


We’re also well versed in traditional and established models and working practices, with direct experience of running organisations. We don’t introduce new for the sake of new, but seek to identify areas where new models could be beneficial. Then we build a bridge.

Our support model


More than just why

First, we work with your executives to explore the problems and opportunities that face your organisation, developing and sharing the narrative for change. More than just why and why now, we facilitate executive ownership of the process, timeline, and expectations for sustainable transformation.


Helping your superstars make change sustainable

We believe that change can only be meaningful when you have the skills and empowerment to make the change happen. Many large consultancies tell you what you need to do, but we provide human coaching in how to do it through a range of learning sessions and fun hands-on activities for the staff who will be the change-makers.


The change that fits you

We draw from an extensive range of modern ideas and frameworks to help find the right solution for your own circumstances. We work with you to test ideas and build a customised model that suits you, not try and force you into a box that doesn’t fit. We integrate with your teams to experiment with ideas and support application of their new skills. We’re hands-on-helpful in a way that allows ownership to be embedded.


Transparent talking

We don’t believe in static reviews. Our whole process will include open and continuous review. However, we’ll seek to capture and feedback on as much learning as possible at key stages, to ensure that progress, achievements, issues and expectations are captured. We also commit to tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. You deserve nothing less.


Seeing it through

We transparently price our teams for long-term support. We measure our work based on whether changes are adopted, and whether they produce the intended outcomes. Therefore, we genuinely want build long-term partnerships that allow us to help you along your journey, providing less intensive support and advice over time.

Our founder Liam Cahill can also provide integrated non-executive support for a limited number of social organisations.