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Operating System

Your Organisation Operating System

Your Organisation Operating System

Acknowledging that you’d like to be more responsive to the increasing turbulence around you is one thing, but understanding what you need to address to get there is another. 

In this section we help you to codify where you are and take the necessary steps to making your organisation more responsive in a way that really fits you. One way we do this is by helping you think about your organisation as an Operating System (like Windows on your computer), defining the rules of what can happen and how in your own self contained environment.

Let’s boot up and code some better org architecture

Programme overview

When you think of the digital future of your organisation, you might think it starts with the tech. Nope. It starts with your structure. For anything to grow and flourish, one thing is always required: the right environmental conditions. The same is the case for any digital change project – it will only succeed if you cultivate within a digital-ready environment. You need to make your organisation fertile enough for digital to grow.

In our many programmes we consider the imperative of preparing for life in a dramatically different setting. The first step is choosing how you create this foundation, by adopting an organisational model fit for a complex digital environment. Consider the increasing prevalence of complex networks in our lives. Yet most organisations maintain traditional hierarchical structures that overload execs, disempower staff and cause tensions when reality just doesn’t match what has been planned. Why is this an issue? Because this model is increasingly out of sync with how the ‘networked’ world works outside of the workplace. It’s time for organisations to adapt.

We recommend that you consider how your organisation can find, test and embed  new ways to be more responsive, experimental, iterative and evolutionary in nature. In other words we’ll help you to find the places that work isn’t working for everyone: leaders; staff; board; customers. We’ll then start a continuous phase of looping to test and learn, trying new approaches that iteratively rewrite the rules of how work works in your organisation. By being more responsive and fluid you’re setting the foundations for how digital projects can thrive.

We recommend that you consider how you can be a moreResponsive Org’, which is made up of five strategic directions of change:

From > To

Hierarchy > Network

Control > Empower

Plan > Experiment

Profit > Purpose

Privacy > Transparency

What we do

We’re all about starting at the start and seeing it through to a sustainable place. We provide a range of support activities that will change as the project progresses. See below the different stages and how we can support you through the whole or part of the process.

How we do it


We work with your leaders to think intensively about the responsiveness your organisation across a range of different areas, understanding how you see your reality both in principle (what we believe or value) and practice (does this manifest and how could it). As an outcome this will lead to a set of strategic gaps that can be translated into actions that prioritise steps to make you more responsive. We then help you define and communicate this, to achieve buy-in from key stakeholders and teams.


Leading change is hard, but often leading leaders to change can be really hard. As the first prong of this approach, we take objectives that have been around ‘moving your needle’ of responsiveness, and then help leaders translate this into what this means for day to day activities and systems. This can also include non-judgemental coaching for leaders to help discuss and reflect where this has been successful and less so.
Secondly, as these actionable changes are codified we help communicate these changes to teams to help them translate into different working practices.


We work with you to test the solutions that can help achieve your change objectives, as an evolving model. To do this we seek input from your wider organisational audience on evolving the model to be an organic shape that fits you. We support your teams to experiment, helping new-norms be embedded and sharing new lessons to drive further learning.


Throughout the process we maintain open and continuous review. However, to ensure that everyone moves forward together we will create learning sessions at key stages in moving your responsive needle.


The change project will continue until it is agreed to be sustainably embedded, however, even with the best will in the world things can fall down the list. We can provide follow up support, or ongoing coaching catch-ups with key actors (likely leaders) in your change process. We’re here to build successful partnerships so we’ll be available to provide help if problems occur or new opportunities arise.

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