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Virtual Working

Make virtual working work

Make virtual working work

Congratulations. You’ve just taken your first step towards building an amazing, empowering and modern infrastructure that produces tangible results for your whole organisation.

But now you’re faced with a stark choice: do you turn back, away from enlightenment and possibly your destiny, or do you step forward into decentralisation?

Take the red pill and read on…

Programme overview

Implementing a virtual working structure is not a bolt on to your centralised activity. It will either fail or feel exactly like a bolt on. An apt analogy we often use is with conference calls: being on a conference call which is an addition to a physical meeting is rubbish. The people in the meeting make it central, and everyone else struggles to keep up, feeling detached from the activity. Wholesale virtual working is the same thing.

To make virtual working really work you need to shift your centre of gravity to a decentralised virtual first culture. It’s very doable and if (when) you get it right it’s an amazing experience. You can attract better staff, create a better work-life balance for them adding value beyond remuneration, become more inclusive, equal and diverse, spread your geographic reach, create more opportunities, and save loads of money. Physical working can also still exist, if you want, as a complementary activity, so it’s big win, little lose.

What we do

We help you find a structure that fits you, and the people who work for your organisation, understanding what you have in place that can make you more virtual and decentralised, and what would help virtual working work.

Moving to virtual working represents a big shift, in particular culturally, but also requires new skills and infrastructure. We’ll take you through a process that will consider the combined human and tech journey, and help you along that path.

How we do it

Our module takes you through the journey of transforming your organisation into a decentralised and virtual organisation. Depending on the nature and extent of the support you require, we’ll cover the following key factors for success:

Vision and leadership

There are many reasons why organisations are seeking to go virtual, and you will have your own unique strategic reasons. It may be down to recruitment, growth plans, increasing mobility, staff requesting home working, physical location costs and more. What you end up with will need to match your priorities. So we start there. We use our vast experience of building virtual working organisations to help you build a picture of your own virtual setup, and then to translate that into a tangible plan for change.

We support leaders to adapt to leading virtual teams (how to lead people you can’t see all the time). We discuss and present leadership styles that could complement virtual working; including advising around changes to operational and HR policies.

Culture and skills

Managing the shift for centralised staff; moving from direction to facilitation; team etiquette for virtual working; Making time count through shifting to purpose driven virtual collaboration.

Infrastructure and tools

Introducing exciting tools teams can use to virtualise office interaction, such as face to face, email, passing conversation and structured meetings; how to make them fit together.

We help you embed virtual tools and working methods that teams and groups can use to create, record, collaborate and explore workflows.

Storage and content

We support how to utilise cloud and SaaS infrastructure in a decentralised environment.


Throughout the process we maintain open and continuous review. However, to ensure that everyone moves forward together we will create learning sessions at key stages in moving to a more virtual setup.


The change project will continue until it is agreed to be sustainably embedded, however, even with the best will in the world things can fall down the list. We can provide follow up support, or ongoing coaching catch-ups with key actors (likely leaders) in your change process. We’re here to build successful partnerships so we’ll be available to provide help if problems occur or new opportunities arise.

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