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Tech Romance

Change your tech relationship with SaaS

Change your tech relationship with SaaS

Working on relationships is always tough. Especially when that relationship is with a box in the Nevada Desert! But building collaborative person-to-AI dream teams will be the relationships you need to focus on the most. 

Ready to romance the robot?

Programme overview

Many people we talk to within the social space feel that the IT ‘underpinning’ their day-to-day is something that gets in the way of the things they want to do. Often it’s a supplier who makes it difficult to improve workflow, old systems gathering dust or people struggling to make the most of their IT. Great opportunities and ideas languish because organisations don’t have the IT skills or support. In an increasingly digital world this will leave organisations behind the curve and struggling to catch up.

The issues are clearly multifaceted, but the first place we need to start is the ‘culture of IT’; more specifically getting rid of it. This starts at the top, where leaders need to move away from a mindset of seeing their IT as a big problematic lump to building a flexible digital ecosystem that works for the good of the organisation.

But times and tech have changed so much that digital transformation should be an imperative for any organisation. With the continued growth of Software as a Service (SaaS), users have demanded that independent and cost effective online services can connect together to create a more harmonious infrastructure that can be adapted to fit the needs of any organisation. But to take advantage of this, and realise the enormous benefits, leaders need to change their mindset and enforce a new culture within their organisations.

What we do

In this programme we work with you in plain human to:

  • Review what you have in place, what works well and what you could improve, to create a strategic imperative for change.
  • Look at the contemporary Software as a Service marketplace, and the functions that may be available to support your key functions, and connect to automate some of the work that you do.
  • Consider the future of your organisation, and environment in the next 10-20 years and the digital opportunities and threats that may exist.
  • Design both cultural and technical requirements that you may have within your digital strategy.
  • Support the new working practices within your organisation, helping to up-skill and support your teams with change.

How we do it

We’re all about starting at the start and seeing it through to a sustainable place. We provide a range of support activities that will change as the project progresses. See below the different stages and how we can support you through the whole or part of the process.


We work intensively with you to understand your systems tech, human & Excel), how data moves and transforms and how work flows through these systems. All through discussions with teams.

Build a vision

We provide observations on where there are issues, blockers and opportunities, and recommendations about how this could be improved. This likely triggers discussions on competing objectives and priorities.

Test and loop

We help you scale up change that constantly tests and involves teams, providing on-hand support and advice around cultural, behavioural and skills considerations.


We work closely with leaders and teams throughout to review all of the four domains of change that are happening (or not), and support review in all of the key areas. We help you plan for continuous review as part of continuing improvement.


Building tech infrastructures is a commitment to gradual and continual change in response to circumstances and progress. We help you establish the right ambitions, skills and culture to ensure this happens.


We help identify the hard and soft skills that may be required for staff to gain agency and ownership of the systems, and support how they can continue to build and improve upon any change that takes place. 

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