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Rapidly turn problems into solutions

Rapidly turn problems into solutions

For most organisations developing new ideas, products, projects, tech and lines of work take a long time. But within increasingly unpredictable markets and environments organisations just don’t have the time to commit to long term development. 

In the tech sector things move fast, and if you don’t constantly develop, improve and progress you’re toast by tea-time. As a result, many great delivery frameworks have been developed to help organisations get things created quickly. From Agile, to Sprint, to Pretotyping, to using Alpha and Beta releases to get input from end users.

This programme helps you take a more rapid and entrepreneurial approach to developing business streams and getting results.

Rustle up your hustle and read on…

Programme overview

The established model for developing new ideas and products is out of date. Nowadays many successful projects and ventures are developed and sold whilst in blueprint stage. If, like us, you buy stuff on kickstarter then you’ll be all too familiar with the new model: generate an idea, build a model, sell it to the world and if it floats and you get funding then deliver it (if not then move on). This concept is not just for the chancers of this world, but instead is becoming a solid business strategy for major players to test in advance whether ideas will be successful.

So you’re an organisation on a mission. Can you really afford to invest the significant resource required to build something, in its entirely before presenting it to the world? And will the world still be the same when you get there? The answer is likely to be no. Similarly, if you are addressing big organisational problems or strategies, then just like a product, ideas and plans are better when they are enriched and tested by those around you. So you probably need to hustle.

What we do

In this Sector Three programme we have a number of ways to help you rapidly solve problems and explore ideas. We can get hands on to quickly develop, test and sell ideas or products, or proactively work to unleash your organisational hustle and entrepreneurialism, and in a number of fun ways.

In this programme we can work with you in ‘plain human’ to:

  • Evaluate the need to reform your organisational approach to answering critical questions, and developing things. Discuss strategies, concepts and ideas that could help make this happen.
  • Develop ideas, strategies, products and solutions with your team using the Sprint methodology.
  • Explore how major players are changing their strategies to selling things before they’ve been developed.
  • Consider the new and alternative funding sources for kickstarting projects.
  • We also run a great Apprentice themed pretotyping board or team away day. Lots of fun!

How we do it

We always work with you to explore and test ideas in partnership, building implementable change that works for you. We never try and force you into a model that doesn’t fit.


We help develop fast insight into what you’re trying to tackle and how. If you’re solving or responding to problems we’ll help you understand them and suggest ways that a quick first step can be take.

Build a vision

We’ll support you to put the necessary components in place for the project and design your ideal vision for an outcome. We’ll support you to envision a fast route to pilot or minimum viable, and then capture learning.


We don’t deliver to you, we deliver through you, getting your internal project team on board, helping them to learn through doing. This will grant experiences and key skills to better develop ideas, strategies, products and solutions in the future.

Test and loop

We take you through a process of consistent progress to deliver ideas, strategies, products and solutions. At all stages we work to not just test and prove hypotheses, but to look at how the wider condition, culture and environment may help or hinder faster working.

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