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Big Data

Get started with big data and BI

Get started with big data and BI

We don’t need to tell you that data is the new oil. But did you know your organisation is sitting on an unexplored well that could bring immense value to your organisation?

Building big datasets can provide a wealth of valuable strategic options to explore. We can help you tap into this.

Grab your shovel, let’s get digging…

Programme overview

When we talk to organisations, improving or acquiring business intelligence is usually near the top of the wish-list for improvement. Why wouldn’t it be? We all want to improve our decision-making and reporting, join up our digital systems, develop new lines of revenue and play with shiny new toys. Yet most business intelligence projects don’t reach their potential or fail outright. This is usually due to a range of reasons: from lack of internal skills, or time to build the skills, over-expectation of what it can deliver alone, poor data to work with, and lack of clarity at a senior level.

But if you ‘do BI’ properly, it can deliver amazing results in the short and long term – we’ve been there and we have the t-shirt.

What we do

We have first-hand experience of the do’s and don’ts of getting started with BI learnt over a number of years. We know that since embedding BI takes time, this programme works with you to:

  • Initially set up the right vision, expectations and ambitions within your wider team.
  • Create an infrastructure and environment for becoming a data rich organisation.
  • Support decision-making around which business intelligence solution is right for your organisation.
  • Develop plans with your teams to start a long and successful BI journey, supporting key milestones over the long term*.
  • Mentor, train, support and up-skill staff depending on your needs*.


* This programme is a great example of where Sector Three prioritises long term partnerships over short term gain. Our preference is that once the initial setup is complete, we provide less intensive support over a longer period.

How we do it

We’re all about starting at the start and seeing it through to a sustainable place. We provide a range of support activities that will change as the project progresses. See below the different stages and how we can support you through the whole or part of the process.


One of the main reasons data and BI projects fail is that organisations don’t have a plan for it as a transforming force. We work with your leaders and key stakeholders to envision the journey from working with data and information, to building more sustainable intelligence systems. We’ll help you understand what data you hold, and plan for how it could drive greater value and learning in the future. The programme will also look at your information culture such as governance, access and sharing to understand what might need to be reviewed to make your business intelligence a success. We will also help you identify the best possible BI systems depending on your data, size and budget.

Tapping and transforming

Using your data means getting sustainable (regular or automated) access to it, beyond downloads and spreadsheets. Depending on your systems, we’ll help you connect to the datasets, supporting your engagement with system suppliers if required. If you’re building a data warehouse or lake, we can either support or deliver the process to set this up, and then transform the data into the warehouse.

Test and loop

Once the key systems are in place, this is where the real fun, and learning, journey takes place. We’ll support you in changing the way you work with your data across your organisation. This may cover: making data forms more open and accessible, how to use and work with BI systems, user design and experience, and how to build looping processes so visualisations and dashboards can grow and evolve.


Building a successful data and BI system will run through many stages. We will work with you to undertake regular key stage reviews as the infrastructure is built, before moving into a more continuous review cycle of testing and looping.


A successful data and BI architecture is a sustainable one, supported by a culture that allows it to grow and evolve. We’ll focus on supporting exactly this development, but also encouraging the work (or cultural) practices that will need to accompany the system.


We can help you consider and generate the hard and soft skills that you need to build successful data and BI systems. This will include learning support for the BI system of your choice and any technical training for using the warehouse. Of equal importance is helping teams understand how BI can drive different ways of working, how to support and drive an open information culture, how to ask questions of data and drive new content creation, plus loads more softer skills that help your staff be entrepreneurial and innovative with your data.

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