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How digitally equipped are you?

The change is not near, it’s now – how digitally equipped are you?

See how your organisation scores against the four core digital pillars.

We know that to survive and thrive, we need to become more responsive and embrace digital, but where do you start? If you’ve started, how far have you got to go? And what does ‘good’ look like?

These are all common questions we have heard multiple times from across community health. With the goal posts often changing, more pressure to do more with less and often conflicting information – it’s difficult to navigate the world of digital.

Our personalised scorecard and report will assess where you are right now across the four key pillars of digital, and help you think about what you can do to address these. Plus, as an additional bonus for health and social care providers, we’ll follow up with some personalised recommendations.

Digital transformation scorecard and report for community health

How will you score against the four key pillars?

We’ll ask you 40 true or false questions specifically designed to gauge where you are on your digital journey against the following four pillars.


Removing organisational blockers and developing a progressive and responsive environment.


Harnessing a people positive, complexity conscious team culture to enable digital to grow.


Identifying and cultivating the key digital skills required to drive your organisation forward.


Effectively evaluating and choosing the right technology for your organisation.

Jump start your digital transformation journey

Assess where you are, discover what ‘good’ looks like and start your organisation on the right path to digital.

1. Your free personalised scorecard and report

Assess where you are in relation to the four key pillars of digital.

2. Personalised recommendations

If you’re a health and social care provider, a member of our team will manually review your scores and follow up with some complimentary, tailored recommendations.

3. Resources designed for community health

Our LinkedIn and Medium pages contain a wealth of information, thoughts and insights written for community health leaders.

4. The ‘Community Digital Catalyst’

Coming soon…in spring 2021 we’re providing community health organisations with the accelerated learning, community support, tools and mentorship to kick start their digital journey.