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Introducing Sector Three. We help organisations with the future.

The world as we know it is more unpredictable, uncertain, complex and increasingly spanning across the real world and the digital world. The pace of technological innovation has accelerated connectivity and the fabric of society will transform to network structures. Disruption-as-a-force is the new normal.

Yet most organisations are not adapting their working practices, infrastructures and cultures in response. Free information flow, rapid learning, creativity, adaptability and dare we say happiness are too often sacrificed by restrictive team structures, and command and control systems that were designed for a different age. As citizens; leaders; workers; subjects; consumers; parents it’s increasingly difficult to be content with the increasingly irrelevant systems that control our day-to-day lives.

We wanted to develop a social business* that helped other organisations build more meaningful, purposeful and rewarding relationships with their audiences, their workers and their communities in this new age.

We in turn wanted to re-write the rules of how we work and participate in society.

So we created Sector Three.

Our purpose is to help you with big questions about the future, and then help you make meaningful change. Some ways that we can help are:

If you also feel that the status quo is no longer fit for purpose and want to explore new ideas, new approaches and new working practices fit for a digital age, then please check out our newly launched website or drop a

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Liam Cahill – Founder of Sector Three

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